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KFPS has invested significantly in automation of its horse administration. For three reasons:
1) to provide lots of information f.i. to assist in breeding choices
2) to increase the efficiency of both KFPS-administration and administration of KFPS-affiliates
3) to provide efficient horse administration for KFPS-members.

For this purpose KFPS has launched My KFPS in 2012. In My KFPS is a tool for KFPS-members that opens up the KFPS database and where KFPS-members can manage their own horse administration. As part of My KFPS a tool has become available since 2014 that allows members to announce a birth of a foal to KFPS digitally. Instead of filling out the paper birth announcement and sending it to KFPS, members can add the new born foal to the database in a few mouse clicks. Many non-Dutch members make use of My KFPS and used the function for announcing a birth already in 2014. We therefore will not send the paper birth announcements to members anymore.

How does it work? In order to have access to My KFPS, members require to login to the KFPS website. Only KFPS-members can request for a login-code, by sending an e-mail to KFPS. When logged in, members can choose the menu My Horse. My Horse contains several features. One of these features is Foal registration. In Foal registration, the mares are listed who have been bred the year before (note: only in case the breeding has been reported to KFPS). Members click on the particular mare and a digital form pops up. The form has to be completed and saved. The members receive a confirmation of the announcement by e-mail and the next day a birth certificate can be downloaded from My KFPS and printed. The birth certificate (in the past, the blue paper) is to be used when the foal is identified (inserted a microchip).

To avoid DNA costs, you have to do the announcement within two weeks after birth of the foal. This is not applicable for BBII horses, these horse always need to do a DNA research.

If members experience problems with this digital announcement, they can ask for assistance by Ina van der Lei at the KFPS office: or +31 (0) 512-523888.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate contacting KFPS!

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